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Specials & Packages

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November Specials

April Specials

Allergy/Sinus Treatment - $70.00

This relaxing allergy treatment uses scalp & facial massage, reflexology and perfectly blended aromatherapy to treat and minimize your allergy symptoms. Perfect for the Spring.

Eucalyptus Hydrating body wrap - $45.00

Experience this moisture-binding emollient wrap that provides deep, lasting hydration & protection for the skin. A rich, soft, warming balm uniquely melts on contact, leaving skin perfectly hydrated.

Citrus Spring Therapy - $70.00

A 60 minute therapeutic massage designed to invigorate and lift your mind and body as our blends of citrus aromatherapy waft through the air and our targeted full body massage works to bring life back into tired muscles.

Teen Facial - $50.00

An in-depth consultation with our licensed skin therapist will teach you the best regimen for your skin. Includes a facial cleanse, exfoliation, mask and mini face-clearing kit to help keep up the routine at home!

Lavender Calm Massage - $105.00

This 90 minute swedish massage infused with lavender aromatherapy and lavender steamed towels will mentally and physically relax your whole body, leaving you with a renewed spirit and calm.

Rain bamboo massage - $75.00

This 60 minute bamboo massage uses a refreshing body mist to refresh the body throughout and warm bamboo sticks to roll out tight areas in the muscles, creating the perfect warm spring rain experience.

Lavender & Lime Facial - $70.00

This calming facial helps to remove impurities & revitalize dull skin. A soothing clay mask is enhanced w/ Evening Primrose & Carrot Oils, reputed to nourish the skin while fighting the effects of aging. Gentle hand/arm massage completely relaxes you

Express spring massage - $45.00

This 30 minute therapeutic floral massage is the perfect treat to put a Spring back in your step. Comes with your choice of a small soy candle in our studio so that you can take some relaxation home with you!

Skin Rebirth Treatment - $85.00

Experience a full body hydrating wrap & an express facial in this skin-centric treatment. A warm emollient body wrap will work on bringing hydration & glow to the skin while your skin therapist provides a completely customized facial treatment.

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