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November Specials

Tropical Hydrating Body Wrap - $45.00

Experience this tropical moisture-binding emollient wrap that provides intense hydration, enhancing defenses & soothing even the most sensitive skin. A rich, soft, warming balm uniquely melts on contact, leaving skin perfectly hydrated.

Toes in the Sand Treatment - $45.00

This 30 minute heavenly foot treatment combines tropical aromatherapy, a therapeutic foot scrub and foot reflexology to relax, pamper and invigorate tired feet.

Ocean Therapy Massage Treatment - $125.00

An exfoliating sea salt scrub, detoxifying seaweed mask on the back & full therapeutic body massage will relax & relieve whole body tension. A cool ocean mist is used throughout the session to hydrate, invigorate & whisk you away to the beach.

Atlantic seaweed back treatment - $60.00

This treatment uses a cream-based mud formulated w/ Green French Clay & Seaweed, a botanical powerhouse for its richness in nutrients. Deep cleans pores to draw out impurities & helps to improve skin’s texture & tone, providing a luxurious treatment.

Grapefruit Body Treatment - $139.00

This comprehensive service includes invigorating grapefruit aromatherapy, a back facial, décolleté (chest/neck) treatment and a hydrating hand & foot massage.

Smooth Bikini Treatment - $50.00

A luxury facial for the pubic area & let’s your skin get a complete check & cleansing. Ingrown hairs are removed when found, extractions performed & skin feels softer & smoother. This treatment works to calm down the skin & improve skin recovery.

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