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Specials & Packages

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November Specials

June Specials

Coconut Calm Massage - $75.00

A relaxing Coconut Zen massage. Dream about cracking open a coconut on the beach & relax w/ a rhythmic, light pressure massage & stress-reducing trigger point therapy on the face, hands & feet. Leave feeling relaxed, hydrated & coconut calm.

Tropical Passionfruit Hot Stone - $80.00

This hot stone massage whisks you away to a tropical paradise as aromas of passionfruit fill your senses & hot basalt stones strip the fibers of your muscles. Feel tension melt away & a refreshing mist float over your body to end the treatment.

Facial & Massage Treatment - $95.00

Experience a tailored 60 minute kairos custom facial & 30 minute therapeutic massage, combining the magic of body & skin care. Treat your whole self with this holistic treatment.

Mango Papaya Hands & Feet - $45.00

Treat your hands and feet with this Mango & Papaya treatment! Exfoliation, hot oil and paraffin treatments will leave all extremities feeling luxuriously soft, taken care of and ready to adventure on!

Pineapple Paradise Deep Tissue - $115.00

Escape to Pineapple Paradise as you sink into this deep tissue massage w/ steamed towels. Waft Pineapple & sandalwood relaxation as muscles are deeply kneaded & moist heat from steamed towels blankets you w/ therapeutic care.

Bye Bye Stress Express Massage - $50.00

Enjoy this 30 minute therapeutic massage with tropical scents wafting in the air and a rhythmic, relaxing scalp massage to combine mental relaxation with physical. The perfect Pick-me-up & therapeutic care for anyone who deserves a vacation.

Ylang Ylang Orange Facial - $75.00

Invigorating Dead Sea Mineral Mud facial, infused w/ Ylang-Ylang & reputed to help remove impurities & improve the skin's texture while promoting elasticity. Enriched w/ natural extracts of papaya & green tea, feel skin rejuvenated w/ a radiant glow

Tropical Express Facial - $45.00

Take a quick trip to the Tropics with this refreshing 30 minute facial that includes a moisturizing masque to remedy dry, stressed skin. Ocean sounds & a tropical scented hand/arm massage will momentarily whisk you away to a tropical island.

Cold Cupping Therapy Massage - $75.00

A Biofreeze application & massage cups use suction to increase blood flow between tissue layers & help the body to relax as deeper aspects of the muscles are engaged & released. Regular cupping results in better blood flow & minimizes cupping marks.

June Skin Power Glow - $80.00

A triple threat facial to bring renewal to lackluster skin. Experience a facial, a power eye peel that tones, smooths & brightens the eye contour through stimulation & botanical actives & a contour neck treatment firms & tightens skin.

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