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Kairos Massage & Skincare

The Right Time is Right Now


Kairos Studio Policies


At Kairos,  If a cancellation is made within 24hours of the appointment. a 25% Fee will be assessed. If a no-show or cancellation within 60 mins of your appointment occurs, a 50% (of the service) fee will be assessed. 

If a client finds someone to take their place, the fee will be waived. 

This policy is in place so that clients understand the importance of advance notice and being diligent in communication about an appointment. The business does lose money on last minute cancelled appointments/no-shows and therapists also bear the burden of this. Thank you. 

Clients Arriving Late

All therapists will start and end sessions at the appointed time to the best of their ability.  If a service needs to be shortened due to the fault of the therapist, the price will be adjusted.

Clients who arrive less than 15 minutes late will receive the remainder of their session, which will end at the scheduled time, and are expected to pay full price for the appointment.

It is at the therapist's discretion whether or not to accept a client who arrives more than 15 minutes late.

Weather Delays/Cancellations

If a client is not able to make their appointment due to inclement weather, it is their responsibility to call the office at least 24hrs in advance to reschedule their appointment. No assumptions should be made.

Inclement weather can be defined as: Snowfall, icy roads, flooding, high winds, ect.

Treatment of Minors

Any minor (0-17yrs old) receiving a service at Kairos must have a legal guardian sign a consent form and be present in the treatment room during the service. Not all of our therapists work on minors so we ask that you call into our studio to schedule any and all appointments for minors.

Children in the Studio Policy

Children yrs 18 and under cannot be left unattended in the studio in any room that is apart from their guardian. If a child is brought along, they have to be inside the treatment room with their guardian or the service must be rescheduled.