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Massage Services

The Right Time is Right Now


Therapeutic Massage

30min. $50

60min​. $80

90min. $110

120min. $150

This massage is the most popular which relaxes, soothes, and is a tailored massage that assesses and treats your muscles where they are in need. Regular treatments loosen tight muscles, increasing flexibility and range of motion while reducing pain and providing mental relaxation.

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Deep Tissue Massage

30min. $60

45min. $75

60min. $90

75min, $105

90min. $120

Deep Tissue Massage uses a deeper touch to ease specific painful areas. Sore muscles are squeezed, stretched, and kneaded with skillful hand movements and carefully placed pressures. DT increases blood circulation and can also increase flexibility.

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Hot Stone Massage

30min. $65

60min. $95

90min. $125

Hot Stone Therapy incorporates Swedish Massage with the soothing/calming influence of hot stones. The rocks are heated to a comfortable level, providing a deep penetrating heat that is perfect for soothing sore muscles.

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Zen Face & Body Massage

60min. $95

90min. $125

Massage and pressure point technique tones the muscles of the face and scalp and helps to release endorphins into the body, which aid in reducing pain. Full Body Massage included in the 90 minute treatment.

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Slumber Massage 

90min. - $120

60min deep relaxation massage with sleep-inducing essential oils, 20 minutes of peace & calm under a heated blanket with a soft pillow. Finished with 10 minutes of light, rythmic strokes and compression to slowly bring you back to an awake state.

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30min. $55

60min. $85

Therapeutic pressure to the feet stimulates reflexes throughout the body, helping to clear congestion, activate the circulation of energy, and revitalize and balance the whole body.

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Lymphatic ​Drainage Massage

30 min. $55.00

60 min. $85.00

This massage can help fluid drain from cells, Improves the production and distribution of antibodies & lymphocytes thereby boosting the immune system, Stimulates the system’s filtering process which helps remove toxins & bacteria from the body, LDT also works on the autonomic nervous system:

Helps calm & slow the sympathetic nervous system (which promotes activity), Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (which promotes relaxation) and 

provides results in relaxation & stress reduction for the client.

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Couples Massage

60 min. $170.00

A couples massage at Kairos is a relaxing experience for two in our largest treatment room. It includes a fireplace and cozy atmosphere where both parties can melt into a deep relaxation together while receiving individualized care from experienced therapists.

*Please call the office to schedule this service. 717.617.7779

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Cupping​ Massage

60 min. $95.00

90 min. $125.00

Acrylic massage cups use suction to increase blood flow between layers of tissue and help the body to relax as deeper aspects of the muscles are engaged throughout this treatment. Regular cupping results in better blood flow & minimizes "cup kisses".

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Prenatal Massage

90 min. $120

60 min. $90

Calming for the body and mind, a Prenatal Massage is a soothing massage for the mother-to-be.

It helps alleviate some of the discomforts from the physical changes taking place as your pregnancy advances.

Like most massages, Prenatal Massage Therapy is used to relax sore muscles, ease low back pain, soothe aching trouble spots, increase circulation and mobility, helps you to sleep better, and increases your physical well-being.

Pregnancy changes your center of gravity.

It puts stress on your back, abdominal and shoulder muscles, and forces changes in your posture.

Each of these stressors can cause cramps and pain – especially low back pain.

A Prenatal massage helps to relieve many of these symptoms while taking into account the precautions needed in order to keep mother and baby safe during the session.

If you are nauseous on the day of your massage, we kindly ask that you call to reschedule your massage as we want it to be an enjoyable time for you

If you are having a high-risk and/or have had a previous miscarriage(s), we kindly ask that you get a signed physicians statement saying that it is ok to receive massage. Being high risk may result in refusal to massage until we know it is safe for the mother and child.

If at risk, a Physician permission form is needed.

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