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August Specials

Exfoliating scrub

Choose between your hands, feet or back for this add-on. 

It invigorates and helps to birth new, healthier skin.

Sand and Stone Massage

Lay on our luxurious treatment table while you experience a gentle scalp treatment, a hot stone massage to relax muscles and a tropical foot scrub to soften and breathe life back into your tired feet!

Vacation Extender

Wishing you could make vacation last a little longer? This 60 min. deep relaxation massage calms your mind & body, followed by 10 minutes of complete peace on the table. Ends with light strokes and compression to slowly wake you from your deep rest.

Pineapple Paradise Facial

This relaxing facial features a pineapple-infused hand & arm massage & steamed towels. A moisturizing masque will remedy dry, stressed skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines. Your skin will feel soft and smooth, with a Tropical glow!

Back-To-School Teen Facial

Begin the school year while keeping your face clear of breakouts! An in-depth consultation with our licensed skin therapist will teach you the best regimen for your skin. Includes a facial cleanse, exfoliation, mask and mini face-clearing kit!

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