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November Specials

Irish Mint Massage ($75.00)

This earthy massage uses mint & sandalwood essential oils, a Paraffin hand & hot oil foot treatment and a 60 minute Swedish massage to whisk you away to the hills of Ireland. This treatment pampers the skin and deeply relaxes the body & mind.

Warm Chocolate Mint Facial ($75.00)

Deep clean your skin as you indulge in the aromas of chocolaty goodness & refreshing mint! While you enjoy this hr long facial, mint chocolate mask will detoxify & soothe & the tailored hand/arm massage completely relaxes your upper body.

Seaweed Mask Add-on ($15.00)

Choose between your hands, feet or back for this hydrating mask add-on to any service.

Tea Tree Scalp Treatment Add-on ($15.00)

Invigorating scalp massage infused with tea tree essential oils

Chocolate Decadence Massage ($110.00)

Sink into a deep relaxation as your muscles experience this 90 minute deep tissue massage. Your senses will be overwhelmed by the smell of rich, delicious chocolate and you’ll leave feeling warm and empowered by the decadence of this massage.

Mint Deep Hydrating Facial ($80.00)

Warm up on our heated table & rejuvenate your skin w/ this deeply moisturizing Mint facial. Oatmeal, lavender, and phyto-nutrients soothe irritation & skin feels soft & supple once again! For all skin types & perfect for dry/dehydrated skin.

Detox Express Facial ($45.00)

This facial detoxifies, brightens & invigorates normal to oily skin. Activated Binchotan Charcoal powerfully absorbs impurities while Sulfur promotes cell turnover for dramatic, brighter skin. Also Melt tension with a Facial Pressure Point Massage.

Hydrating Hands Add-on ($20.00)

The ideal remedy for dry, winter-chapped hands! Hands are cleansed, exfoliated and moisturized following a paraffin dip. The perfect add-on to any facial!

Peppermint Hands & Feet ($40.00)

A 30min Peppermint treat for your hands & feet! A paraffin hand treatment & a mint hot oil foot treatment will rejuvenate extremities & bring hydration back to what the colder weather takes from our skin. Mint Hand & Foot massage included.

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